Spiritually Sassy

8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers

A guide for a generation that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and freedom — both in life and on the spiritual path.

In Spiritually Sassy, Sah D’Simone distills the art of living well in our modern world into eight radical, yet totally attainable steps. 

By incorporating principles of modern psychology with time-tested Buddhist techniques, Sah will help you unblock your heart, befriend your mind, and live your truth out loud. 

In other words, he’ll help you find your sass.

“Sah is a radical spiritual guide, igniting connections among his generation.” 

—Deepak Chopra,

New York Times bestselling author and new age icon


Hear author Sah D'Simone read from Spiritually Sassy

This book will help you find your sass, whatever that means for you, so it can radiate out and touch everything that you do. 

Wild dance parties, radical joy, and genuine spirituality can all coexist. Stop trying to fit yourself into a box of what spirituality “should” look like—“because, honey, being yourself is spiritual.”


“Spiritually Sassy walks you through essential liberational teachings in a way that is immediately accessible, refreshingly fun, and illuminating. Reading this book will surely help those who are seeking to develop the awareness and courage they need to build a better life.”

 ―Yung Pueblo, New York Times bestselling author of Clarity & Connection.

“Sah is a spiritually sassy leader who reminds us to tap into our innate wisdom within. He is a bright light in the spiritual world, and this book truly brings his magic to the world. I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

 —Sahara Rose, bestselling author and podcast host

“You’ll appreciate his straight-talk, no-nonsense guidance as he keeps pointing us back to our own heart and soul, and reminds us that the beauty and love we’ve been seeking all this time have been located inside each one of us… all this time.”

—Light Watkins, speaker, teacher, and author of Bliss More

“This generation needs a new, down-to-earth spiritual guide. Sah D’Simone brings his bright light to share accessible ways to be of service—to yourself and to the world. His writing is hilarious and personal, reaching right into your heart.”

—Elena Brower, author of Practice You

“Sah is a dream activator who is devoted to guiding us to our truest spiritual freedom and thus removes us from burdens we place on ourselves in the modern world. He teaches us you can be hot and still be heavenly.”

—Shaman Durek, podcast host, activist, and author of Spirit Hacking

“Sah D’Simone is a true voice for his generation. A seeker who is also a teacher, a thinker who speaks from the heart, and a spiritual soul who has his feet firmly planted in the realities of the modern world.”

—Ruby Warrington, author of Sober Curious and Material Girl, Mystic World


You are already fabulous, worthy, and spiritual. In Spiritually Sassy, the modern and playful teacher Sah D’Simone speaks to the diverse world we live in today, sharing eight steps to help us celebrate our most radically authentic and spiritual selves.

The ultimate goal? 

In Sah’s words, “To find freedom, honey.”


Sah D'Simone is a spiritual revolutionary, mystic, artist, and the internationally best-selling author of Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers. He is well-known for hosting the top-rated Spiritually Sassy Show podcast and The Big Celebrity Detox on UK Channel 4, and for creating the Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) Method™.

Sah's profound expertise is rooted in a decade of experiential Buddhist practice, his extensive retreat experiences in India and Nepal, and his professional training in contemplative psychotherapy.

As a kinesthetic learner, Sah has danced into trance states since 2015, developing a deep understanding of the body-mind connection. This kinesthetic learning process inspired the formulation of his unique and critically acclaimed Somatic Activated Healing Method.

His trauma-informed approach is informed by his grassroots work in orphanages, homeless shelters, and rehab centers in Indonesia, Nepal, India, and the US. Sah provides support to the patients of Cedars Sinai Hospital (the #2 hospital in the US) as a member of their Spiritual Care Chaplain intern team. Sah's remarkable contributions to homeless youth in Venice Beach, CA, earned him the CARE award from the city and county of Los Angeles. He is also a guest teacher at Columbia University.

Despite his impressive professional journey and achievements, what truly defines Sah is his courage and resilience. From a young age, his life has been marked by battles with depression, anxiety, and addiction; yet, his unwavering will to keep living and helping others truly signifies his luminary impact in the fields of spirituality and trauma healing.


“This book has literally changed my life. I adore Sah and have really resonated with his teaching style. This book is so full of powerful practices, lessons, stories, and mantras. I now have this book in hardcover, cd, and audio book format because I love it so much and like to have a copy with me wherever I am. I have also gifted it to family members. If you are on the fence, buy it. If you do the practices, it will impact you in ways that will help you heal deeply.”

—Whitney, amazon review

“Sah comes across deeply humble, light and almost without me noticing, guides you to self love, acceptance and love for others. With his unmatched personality, he touched my very soul, and because of that, his book and calendar are never out of reach. This book is worth its weight in gold. It will be the best investment you have ever made.”

— Ella, amazon review

“It really is life-changing. I am a self-help book lover, and this one is already changing my life and I’m not even half way. I don’t want to hype it up but truly, buy this. It’s one that will really help you and walk you through it. It is right to the point, with the tools, as long as you give yourself to it. You deserve to have the tools and take your life into your hands! Healing is possible, don’t give up. Do it, buy it, NOW!” 

— Anonymous, Amazon Review

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